Sustainable food as weapon of war against corruption.

Weaponizing Sustainably-grown Food as Agents for Change

Money not spent is income gained.

Farm produce unsold is income gained.

When the fresh farm product to be purchased/sold in question concerns sustainably grown produce, the potential gains transcend rudimentary financial value. Now, we’re talking about the hidden costs of social empowerment, health nourishment, environmental protection and a direct assault on a capitalistic system; a system that depends on importation of artificial fertiliser and pesticides.

It’s time to dismantle decades of repression and lies, with every food/fruit item grown sustainably no matter how big or small.

Over the next course of weeks, there will be an almost endless supply of bananas, papayas and pineapples, all of which were planted almost 2 years ago. The system is establishing itself pretty well with very minimal intervention.

The more food is grown sustainably, the louder the voice of dissent.

Weaponizing Sustainably-grown Food as Agents for Change

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