Ageratum Conyzoides (Billygoat Weed): A Pretty Functional Weed

Ageratum Conyzoides (rumput tahi ayam / billygoat weed) is an invasive flowering weed that thrives at the farm. It’s characterised by its many little purplish and hairy florets which do well in attracting bess and butterflies. It pops up especially in rich moist soil in full sun and doesn’t grow in the shade. Its presence is an indicator of soil fertility and abundance of nutrient.

In certain sections of the farm, I’d like to keep them raw and untouched in their natural state. Witnessing a sea of them carpeting the ground is a feast for the eyes. It’s truly a controversial weed because their very pretty presence en masse cast doubts on whether are they truly serving any purpose. But all God’s creation do somehow or another. Since it’s pretty, it’s not difficult to make a decision to keep them, even though only at certain sections. Lack of information or misinformation often leads to wrong decisions. Hence it’s best to find out more and I always strive to do that by googling or asking around.

Though termed a “weed”, it’s a super weed nonetheless. It boasts of a diverse range of medicinal uses from being used as painkiller at childbirth to treating snakebites! ( Its insecticidal and fungicidal qualities make it a potent candidate for use in integrated pest management. Despite its poisonous nature, it can also be used as fodder material for cattle and goats. How controversial and confusing is that?

Ageratum Conyzoides (Billygoat Weed): A Pretty Functional Weed

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